10 Amazing Things To Do in Windsor California


There are countless amazing things to do in Windssor California and part of the reason that we absolutely love where we live! Here we will highlight some favorite things to do in Windsor California. Located in Sonoma County’s rolling hills and vibrant vineyards, Windsor beckons travelers with its captivating blend of small-town charm, world-class wines, and outdoor adventures. Whether you seek to indulge in delicious local cuisine, explore scenic trails, or stroll around the Town Green, this town  truly offers something for everyone.

Windsor is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes away from San Fransico and makes an amazing vacation desination in wine country. It is much closer if you fly into Sonoma County. If you fly into the Charles Shultz Airport in Santa Rosa, you are only approximately 10 minutes away from Windsor California. Due to Windsor’s close proximity from San Francisco and even closer proximity to the Charles Shultz Airport, Windsor makes an incredible weekend getaway or destination to spend a week a wine country. If you fly with Alaska Airlines at the Charles Shultz Airport, check out their Wine Flies Fry program so you can take a case of your favorite wines home with you to enjoy for months and years to come!

Windsor Town Green in Downtown Windsor
Windsor Town Green

1.) Go on a wine tour with Windsor Wine Tours

There are many amazing Windsor wineries that are worth visiting while visiting Windsor California in Sonoma County. Going on a wine tour is onve of the most popular things to do in Windsor California. Windsor is located near three world class wine regions, which makes it easy to include Healdsburg wineries or other wineries nearby if you choose to do so.  Windsor Wine Tours can custom curate an amazing day in wine country with our private wine tours. If you are in the area for a several days and want to explore multiple wine regions, explore the following private Sonoma Wine Tours: Alexander Valley Wine Tours, Dry Creek Valley Wine Tours, Russian River Valley Wine Tours, Healdsburg Wine Tours, and our Sebastopol Wine Tours.


CIRQ and CHEV Winery in Windsor
Windsor Wine Tours



2.) Visit the Town Green and the charming wine tasting rooms, restaurants, and shops

Windsor’s heart and soul lies in its picturesque Town Green, a sprawling community hub lined with charming shops, cafes, wine tasting rooms, and restaurants. Take a leisurely stroll beneath the shade of trees, browse unique boutiques for locally-crafted souvenirs, enjoy people watching while at one of the many picnic tables on the Town Green, or savor a cup of coffee at Cafe Noto while soaking in the town’s warm atmosphere.

You will find a amazing restaurants and healthy options as well such as Fruity Moto.

If you want to sip and then stroll around the Town Green, you will find the following wine tasting rooms Tonti Family Wines, J Cage Cellars, Oak Tree Winery, Bellecana Vineyards, Mengler Family Wines, Baldassari Family Wines, and Mutt Lynch Winery. The tasting rooms also have music on certain days of the week for you to enjoy.

Enjoy shopping in charming shops on the Town Green in Windsor California. Many of the shops create locally made products and are family owned. You will be able to bring a little piece of Windsor home with you. Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone you love, Windsor shops have something for everyone! This is a perfect place to get a unique gift for yourself or a special gift for someone you love for a special occassion or a holiday!


Tasting Notes Wine Collection

3.) Embrace the outdoors

Going hiking is another one of the amazing things to do in Windsor California. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on scenic trails with views of Redwood trees and where panoramic views will leave you breathless. Visit our blog about parks in area to learn about the best spots to go hiking in Wndsor. There are so many amazing parks with incredible views! Some parks and trails also allow bikes on them and some allow you to go horseback riding.

If you are someone that loves biking, consider coming during Levi’s Granfondo. If you are someone that loves the outdoors, book with a canoe and kayak tour company called Russian River Paddle Boards to explore the majestic Russian River nearby. If you want to drive a little farther and venture outside of Windsor, Armstrong Woods is amazing to visit as well as the Sonoma Coast!


Sunset Beach on the Russian River
Russian River

4.) Savor farm to table restaurants

From farm-to-table gems to international flavors, Windsor’s culinary scene is a delight for food lovers. Savor amazing Italian food at Grata Italian Eatery. Embark on a culinary journey to the Himalayas at The Himalyian Restaurant in Windsor! These are just a couple of the amazing restaurants in this charming town! If you love California style barbeque, Sweet T’s is an amazing restaurant and if you love pizza, Pizzaleah is an amazing restaurant with unique specialty pizzas that are delicious!

There are so many amazing food options to choose from and there is truly something for everyone! There is a wide variety of cuisines in Windsor California so whatever type of food you like, you can find it in Windsor! Discovering the variety of delicious food options is one of the many amazing things to do when in Windsor California.


Grata Restaurant
Grata Italian Restaurant


5.) Tee Up at Windsor Golf Course

Embrace the challenge, savor the scenery, and enjoy an amazing golf day adventure at Windsor Golf Course! This is a great activity to add to your itinerary while enjoying Windsor. Find your swing and connect with friends and/or family for a relaxing day on the golf course. Whether you are new to golfing or a pro, take a swing at golf and discover a lifetime of enjoyment at the Windsor Golf Course. This is one of the great things to do in Windsor California because it;s a fun activity that involves friends and family!

Charlie’s Restaurant is located at the Windsor Golf Course so you can enjoy a great meal after a day of golfing! This restaurant has indoor seating and outdoor dining overlooking the lake with an incredible view of the Windsor Golf Club!


Charlie's Restaurant
Charlie’s Restaurant

6.) Discover Hidden Gems

There are so many hidden gems in Windsor California. Many people share that on their trip they also like to do some urban wine tasting. If you are not familiar with what this is, it’s a recent phenomenon where a winery producer chooses to locate their winemaking facility in an urban setting rather than the traditional rural setting near the vineyards. You will discover incredible wine tasting rooms in the Town Green. In addition, you can find many hidden gems in the Beverage District as well as while tasting at the Grand Crush Cru.

Discover several amazing wine tasting rooms in the Beverage District, where the wine makers believe in connecting and sharing and enjoying with those who love sipping amazing wine! Grand Crush Cru is an amazing shared production and wine tasting facility and home to 20+ local, family-owned wineries. People often share with us that these hidden gems are amazing because they can easily Uber or Lyft to these locations, which are hidden gems in plain sight and that they have incredible wine! Featured below is an amazing wine from Alexander Valley called Gratitude from Guerrero Fernandez Winery.


Guerrero Fernandez Winery in Beverage District
Guerrero Fernandez Winery

7.) Treat yourself to a tasty treat

If you are in the Windsor Town Green area, visit Fleur Sauvage Chocolates. This is a favorite among locals and travelers alike! Owners Robert and Tara Nieto have a storefront in downtown Windsor where you can find amazing bon bons, chocolate tablets, chocolate wine bottles, and individual desserts. Their products are all made in-house by Chocolatier and owner Robert “Chef Buttercup” Nieto. Chef Buttercup was named in th Top 10 Pastry Chef’s in America by Dessert Professional Magazine and was a member of the Pastry Team USA.

Another amazing thing to do in Windsor California is to stop for a treat in Cravin’s Candy Exporium. You will find incredible gelato flavors, a wide variety of candy, and incredible gifts! Come in for a treat and you will leave with a smile on your face. Treat yourself while in Windsor by visiting both of these places, both located in the Town Green area.

Another amazing place to have incredibly delicious ice cream is Two Dog Night Creamery. They have classic and seasonal ice cream flavors, floats, sundaes, and milkshakes. So much goodness all in one place! If you have a sweet tooth, there are so many amazing things to do in Windsor California and incredible places to visit.


Fleur Sauvage Chocolates in Windsor
Fleur Sauvage Chocolates

8.) Enjoy the craft breweries

Taste amazing craft beer at Russian River Brewery. Enjoy a self-guided tour around the brewery or enjoy the beer garden! Pliny the Younger’s in-person release happens yearly and is an amazing time to visit the Russian River Brewery in Windsor. Enjoy this amazing wine and all that this brewery has to offer!

Also, Barrel Brothers and Cuver Belgian Brewers are amazing places to visit if you love craft beer! Windsor wineries are amazing and so are the Windsor breweries! There is truely so much to love in this charming town! If you are a craft beer lover, Windsor is a great place to visit!


Pliny The Younger Release Day
Pliny The Younger Release Day

9.) Enjoy the Farmer’s Market

The Windsor Certified Farmer’s Market occurs from the first Sunday in April and goes until the first Sunday in December.

You will find certified growers, food venders, and artisans. Walk aound the Town Greeen and you will discover amazing locally made items, fresh flowers, and amazing locally grown and organic foods. This is a great way to support the local community and discover new foods that you will love! This is also an amazing activity to add if you are visiting Windsor during a weekend!


Farmers Market in Windsor
Farmers Market in Windsor

10.) Seasonal Events

There are many events in Windsor that are worth attending! They have two wine events called Spring Fling and the Winter Wine Walk. These are fun events held on the Town Green and you can sip amazing wine and shop!

Another popular event is the Levi’s Granfondo. This bike ride launches from the Windsor Town Green. As many as 2,000 riders will depart en masse along a designated route as they leave the Town of Windsor at the beginning of the event.

Two other events that occur are Love Wins in Windsor and the Chili Cook Off. During December, the Town Green is lined with Christmas trees to help you get in the holiday spirit! If you are still in the planning stages of planning a trip to wine country, visit our blog on the best time of year to visit Sonoma County!


Holiday Season in Windor (Photo Courtesey of Patch.com)


There are so many amazing things to do in Windsor. If you are visiting Windsor ,we hope you fully enjoy your vacation in Windsor Wine Country. If you are looking for a wine tour, please reach out to us know at Windsor Wine Tours! We provide private Sonoma Wine Tours throughout Sonoma County as well as Napa Wine Tours. We hope you enjoy your vacation in Windsor and enjoy all the things there is to love about this charming town nestled in wine country!


Jordan WInery Alexander Valley
Windsor Wine Tours
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